Child Protection and Safety

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The tourism industry has an impact on children’s lives – whether they are local or foreign - and for this reason their protection and rights are one of our top priorities.

The following policies reflect Natura Algarve Club’s views of Child Safety and Protection:

  • Any intimate relationship between a member of staff and a minor is strictly forbidden. Should this situation happen the member of staff will be dismissed immediately and the local Police informed.
  • All minors (under 18 years old) not travelling with parents must be accompanied of a parental consent, duly signed and with a copy of the ID so that we can verify the signature.
  • In any case in which the relationship between an adult and minor seems suspicious, clarification and IDs will be demanded.
  • We are explicitly against any kind of child exploitation and refuse any cooperation with companies or individuals involved.
  • Any contact with children appearing to be financially based must be reported immediately.
  • All of our staff have taken knowledge of the above guidelines and are therefore responsible for ensuring they are implemented.

Child Abuse Emergency - Family and Child Support: +351 21 343 33 33
Children's Green Line: +351 800 20 66 56
SOS Child - Green Line: +351 800 20 26 51
Child Support Institution: +351 21 781 85 90

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